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Ceraminoes, Ceramic Dominoes is a collector's edition game that consists of 35 handcrafted ceramic tiles and one dice. The game is suitable for 2-4 active players and can have more players that can join as team-mates. The game set also has 3 different gameplays that can be played. 
Each tile would have two different designs or a repeating design which corresponds to a value. Players lay out their tiles on the table in turns where their tile has to match any open ends of the Ceraminoes chain/formation. Player to finish all their tiles first wins or gets points based on the values of the tiles remaining with other players.

Ages: 8+

Ceraminoes - Tile Placement Game (SALE)

SKU: Ceraminoes game
₹3,500.00 Regular Price
₹2,700.00Sale Price
  • Write to us at and we shall sort your query regarding refunds and returns. The game is limited in to keep in our inventory so a complete exchange my not be possible. We may be able to replace individual tiles if it arrived broken.

  • The game comes in a pinewood box 8x8x1.5 inches

    The product is to be handled with care as it is made of ceramic and can break on high impact. Keep away from small children as the object can be sharp if not handled properly. We will ensure the game is packed well with enough insulation to ensure no damage when shipped.

    Each piece and set may vary in colour, size as it is all handcrafted.

    Ceraminoes is manufactured in Jaipur by Enlomed Designs.

    Game design by NMZ GAMES

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